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People asked me to make this rebloggable so I did whatever you people told me to do.

Reblogging this infinitely.



People asked me to make this rebloggable so I did whatever you people told me to do.

Reblogging this infinitely.

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male entitlement has a body count

Female entitlement has a price tag.

can someone else take care of this for me

”paying for a meal at the restaurant is just like getting murdered guyz :’(”


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scrolling through my dash like


Photo 5 Aug 1 note Glammin’ it up at my new desk job!

Glammin’ it up at my new desk job!

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A Palestinian kid saying why they don’t want to make peace with Zionists.
Do you need another reason now?

You can’t murder thousands and thousands of people and destroy the lives of millions of people then actually expect them to accept “peace” - or rather continued occupation without resistance.

and people say these children aren’t terrorized. smh

Palestinian children know nothing but terror. Peace is probably unfathomable to this little girl.

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#john barrowman is having none of your misogynist bullshit

i love that barrowman’s response also distances him from the contestant
"hahahaha women do laundry right john?  you with me, john?"
"don’t lump me in with you, you fucking martian”

This is what I’m talking about when I keep saying that men have to deny the endorsement. This guy wanted Barrowman’s tacit support or agreement for his sexism, as part of bonding through humour. John went nope.

Bolding mine.

this is what I need from the men in my life

you want us to believe you don’t hate us? I need to hear this come out of your mouths when we are in a group situation and one of the guys thinks he’s being funny

when you shuffle awkwardly and tell me AFTERWARDS that so-and-so was being a dick that has precisely ZERO value to me okay?

Seriously, this is such a huge problem. Men want to seem cool to other men so when you call men on their shit you’re actively saying “that ain’t cool” and it makes them see dumb and then they don’t do it as much. I don’t care too much for guys who are only feminists when around women.

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dear god, let it be enough






dear god, let it be enough

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Toucan shows off for traffic cam in Brazil. [video]

Put me in the movies!

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We, the indigenous people here today in Oppenheimer Park, do hereby assert our Aboriginal Title, as established in law by the Supreme Court of Canada in Tsilhqot’in v British Columbia. Our people have held title to this land since time immemorial, and we are exerting our right to exclusive authority, recognized as an inherent element of our title, over this land and this camp. The City of Vancouver recognizes the unceded and enduring existence of our Aboriginal Title here. Under this recognition, we now require that you leave this place and cease any attempts to remove people or their belongings from this place. Because we are the title holders to this land, we assert that you do not have jurisdiction over this place until such time as our title to it is lawfully resolved. Any actions against this camp are thereby unlawful actions against our title; we demand an immediate cease and desist of action or the threat of action against this camp or those within it.

A news release from the tenters and their supporters says that about 30 percent of homeless people are aboriginal due to the “effects of colonization and poverty”. It also notes that the 1,798 homeless people counted in Vancouver in March was the “highest number ever counted”.

Referring to the Downtown Eastside local area plan, the release also claims: “Vision Vancouver approved a plan for the Downtown Eastside that seeks to displace 3,350 residents.”

On June 25, city council voted to formally acknowledge that the city lies on the unceded traditional territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.

Fuck yeah

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